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Established for more then twenty years as a joint partnership trading as Vij Brothers, the firm has vast experience in providing a quality service in relation to school uniforms, sportswear and work wear and are proud to have maintained a high level of quality throughout the years. The firm’s success can truly be said to have derived from its ability to manufacture and stock a wide range of quality products both in size and colour, in addition to the firm’s contacts with many elite branded companies throughout the UK and Europe.

wide range

Here at Tru Schoolwear, we continually stay in contact with our leading suppliers to improve our range, whether it is the fit, fabric or price which requires improvement. In addition, as a full service retail business, we have the ability to offer a special in-house embroidery service providing embroidery of a wide range of colour combinations, fonts and logos on a wide range of products. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in the quality of our internal products together with the high standard of customer satisfaction we are able to achieve.

Fundamentally, possessing the ability to maintain large quantities of stock throughout the year means that we can meet your individual needs and requirements at all times, whether you simply require large amounts of a specific product or a quick and efficient embroidery service.


Meanwhile, should you have any further enquires as to the services we are able to supply, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be proud to satisfy your individual needs and expectations at all times.

Specialist in Schoolwear Since 1991